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Aspire  Cleito - 0.15 Ohms Coil

Aspire Cleito - 0.15 Ohms Coil

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I apologize for the confusion, but as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no specific "Aspire Pro Cleito" tank or coil. The Aspire Cleito and Aspire Cleito Pro are two separate tank models from Aspire. However, the coils for the Aspire Cleito and Aspire Cleito Pro tanks are not interchangeable.

For the Aspire Cleito Pro Tank, the compatible coils are the Aspire Cleito Pro Coils. Here is a description of these coils:

 >>.    0.15ohm Cleito Mesh Coil: This mesh coil is also designed for direct lung vaping and has a recommended wattage range of 60-75 watts. It delivers enhanced flavor and increased vapor production, thanks to the larger heating surface area of the mesh.