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Aspire Kumo RDTA Tank

Aspire - Kumo RDTA - Tank

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Aspire - Kumo RDTA - Tank  Available in Pakistan. 

Aspire has joined forces with the German Steampipes and brings an unprecedented quality Kumo atomizer. High-precision engineering and sandblasting make Kumo RDTA not only beautiful, but also a high-quality atomizer. Even small details such as screws have undergone special care in the form of electroplating. The functions of the atomizer are also elaborated in the same detail. Four openings bring air to the coil from the side, you can easily adjust these openings and the tightness of the draw.

In addition, Aspire comes with an evolution of e-liquid flow. All atomizers with a top coil need something that will bring the e-liquid to the cotton. These are usually metal wicks, mesh or organic cotton. However, the Aspire Kumo does not use either of these systems, but relies on the laws of physics and sophisticated construction. Derived from Pascal´s law, this system uses the theory of low and high air pressure inside and outside the enclosure and by the action of a piston pushes the e-liquid into a place with low air pressure.

The air pressure outside the chamber is higher than inside. When you vape, the external high pressure automatically actuates the e-liquid to rise and soak up the cotton. As a result, the cotton is constantly soaked in e-liquid from each puff you take and you do not have to worry about dry hits. This also ensures the absolute purity of the e-liquid and thus the perfect flavor.