Mega X Prime - Ice Mint Replacement - Single  Pods

Mega X Prime - Ice Mint Replacement - Single Pods

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Mega X Prime - Ice Mint Replacement - Single  Pods  Also Compatible With Relx Infinity Available in Pakistan.


MEGA X Prime Ice Mint Replacement Pods – 4ml

 Featuring 4ml liquid in each pod phenomenal flavours at 3% nicotine (salt Nic), the Mega X Prime Ice Mint Replacement Pods is one of the best up-and-coming disposables on the market. With its compact design, incredible flavour, and silky-smooth vapor production, the Mega X prime Ice MintReplacement Pods is sure to impress vapers and ex-smokers alike. The new X prime Ice Mint Replacement Pods model boasts an even better flavour than its predecessor thanks to its higher quality components, improved design, and several new varieties to choose from.

Mega X Prime Replacement Pods Specifications:

  • 3 Pods with 4ml liquid in each Pack
  • Nicotine level 3 %