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Pancakeman - Deluxe - 120ml

Pancakeman - Deluxe - 120ml

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Pancakeman - Deluxe - 120ml Available in Pakistan.

Deluxe Pancake Man e liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics takes a stack of fluffy pancakes and smothers it in puffy marshmallows, smooth vanilla ice cream and sugary, fruity cereal. What You Will Come Out With Is The Best Pancake Flavor Ever Released!


Primary Flavors: Pancake, Syrup, Ice Cream, Cereal, Marshmallow

Bottle Sizes: 120ml

Nicotine Level: 3mg and 6mg

VG/PG: 80%VG / 20%PG

Imagine taking the original Pancake Man that 100’s of thousands of people around the world have fallen in love with! And adding to that a scoop of vanilla ice cream, marshmallows and fruity pebbles. The best pancake flavor ever released!